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Rice Water Store offers our products to a variety of businesses, including:
- Hair salons
- Retail

We will help you select the right products for your business. Contact us with any questions business@ricewaterstore.com

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Produced in the Netherlands

"Ruikt lekker, word lekker zacht ervan"


"Ordered for the third time, great product. Notice less hair loss and makes your hair softer"


"This has done so much good for my hair"


"The results after using the hair mask are amazing! This great product worth gold"

ClaraHaar textuur: Curls

"So happy with this tip about the hair mask! All my friends use it now"


"The whole family is obsessed with the hair mask!"


"I'm a total fan! I notice that my hair is less frizzy and is starting to get thicker. If you're looking for a good hair mask, this one is amazing!"



TeddyHaar textuur: Straight

"A really wonderful mask! Used 3 times now and my hair feels really soft and nourished! The scent is also really wonderful"

KellyHaar textuur: Curls

"Holy grail!"


"The hair mask is really great! My hair is very healthy and has grown a lot!"

DemiHaar textuur: Straight

"Really just wow, what a great product!"

SandyHaar textuur: Wavy

"Fast delivery, tried it immediately and I'm a fan! So much definition in my hair after the first time"

SanneHaar textuur: Curls

"Really great product, have been using it for a week now and notice a difference straight away. I have hair type 3C, sometimes I use it as a leave in and my hair looks goo..."

SigourneyHaar textuur: Coily

"Product works really well, very happy with it!"

NoelleHaar textuur: Curls

"A really great mask! Would like to have a lot of this"

LauraHaar textuur: Straight

"The mask is so nice! I'm really happy with it. It smells so good too"

KristaHaar textuur: Straight

"I am so satisfied, I never expected that I would send a review after 3 weeks. My hair literally curls back to how it was and I dare to wear my hair down again!"

MelvienneHaar textuur: Curls

"I'm so glad Rice Water Store exists!"

ValerieHaar textuur: Curls

"Great hair mask! My hair structure has really changed in recent times and my hair is growing normally again!"

KelishaHaar textuur: Coily

"My hair is very healthy and grows faster"

AnneHaar textuur: Straight

"My hair has really improved because of this!"

DoniciaHaar textuur: Curls

"Used once and my hair is super soft! Normally I have to refresh my hair on the 2nd day after wash day because it is hard. Now so soft and even in shape, really love it!"

HayllyHaar textuur: Curls

"Truly my life saver!"


"Favorite hair mask! A super nice hair mask and the scent *hearteyes*"

JoyceHaar textuur: Curls

"Gave this hair mask as a tip, it really is a great mask!"


"Order again soon! I'm really satisfied with it, it works really well. Hopefully the range will be expanded!"


"The hair mask smells so good! I am very happy with it!"


"The best! Can't live without it anymore"

LisaHaar textuur: Straight

"A miracle! My hair is the way I had it within two months"


"Im blown away! After rinsing out the hair mask, it went through my hair so smoothly and my hair immediately feels and looks healthier"


"Great product and that scent that stays in your hair!!! Delicious"


"Almost finished one pot and my hair has really grown, become fuller and softer!"


"Best hair mask I've ever used!"


"Hair has grown sooo much!"

ThessHaar textuur: Curls

"Best hair mask everrrr"


"Ordered 4th time and I will keep purchasing it. Such a wonderful product and it really works!"

AnmolHaar textuur: Wavy

"Love it! my hair is very healthy"

AniqueHaar textuur: Straight

"Hair loss due to hormones and continued to break off. Use the hair mask for 3 weeks and my hair is thicker and less brittle"


"I'm so happy with it and so is my hairdresser, my hair is so much better!!"


"Het haarmasker is echt geweldig, mn haar groeit veel sneller. Heel blij mee!"


"I have been using the hair mask 2/3 times a month for 1 year now and I stopped weaving 2 months ago because of the great results! Healthy, super long, full hair"

SharonaHaar textuur: Coily

"After the first use, my hair already feels so soft, healthy and hydrated! I'm really excited about it"

CharissaHaar textuur: Curls

"So happy with it, such good stuff! Does everyone notice that my hair is so long? You will notice a difference really quickly!"


"Obsessed! Have already made a few. Use it for me and my son and I am honestly so satisfied with this mask. Highly recommended!"

ChloeHaar textuur: Curls

"Hair mask really works great for my hair. I use it as a leave in and no longer have to use other products."

GlarisciaHaar textuur: Curls

"My hair was so dry, I left the hair mask on for the first x 4 hours and my hair is so shiny, nourished, soft and also falls better!"

MarianHaar textuur: Straight

"Can't say enough how good the product is!! I had a lot of problems with my curls due to iron deficiency, but the hair mask really improved them"

MelissaHaar textuur: Curls

"This hair mask works wonders! I alternate between a lot of hair products but this one really stuck with me! It makes my hair so soft and it smells really nice"

ZaraHaar textuur: Curls

"10/10 hair mask! Been using it for 2 months now and the difference is insane! Recommend this hair mask to everyone"

BrieHaar textuur: Curls

"Hair mask used once and smells sooo nice and the shine is honestly so unreal, I've never had it like this before!"

AstridHaar textuur: Straight

"This product is really TOPPPPP! My hair has a lot of shine, feels soft and keeps it healthy"

DeveneyHaar textuur: Straight

"Impressed! The only hair mask that defined my damaged curls after the first use. Easy to comb and my hair feels soft"

KimberleyHaar textuur: Coily

"Super good hair mask, my hair has grown longer"


"This hair mask is my hair growth hack! Life saver. Long & healthy hair"

SahinHaar textuur: Curls

"The product is good! The difference is bizarre after just 1 jar"

ClemenceHaar textuur: Curls

"Top product! My hair has been so dry lately, I used the hair mask and I haven't felt my hair this soft in a long time"

EsraHaar textuur: Curls

"Completely obsessed with the hair mask. Since I started using it, my hair is nourished, shiny and soft and my hair grows a lot faster. Very positive about the result!"

NaomiHaar textuur: Straight

"I have been using the hair mask for a few weeks now and I notice so much improvement in my hair! Really positively surprised and with so much difference"

DaniHaar textuur: Straight

"I am super satisfied, I have quite thick hair and now I get beautiful defined curls without too much effort!"

JasmineHaar textuur: Curls

"My hair is healthy and has a special shine after this mask. It gives an extra boost and makes my hair easy to comb and style"

IremHaar textuur: Wavy

"Used the hair mask for the first time and left it in all night. Great hair mask! I'm really happy with it"

EmlyHaar textuur: Curls

"I am sooo in love with your mask! Have been using it for a few months now, but really what a good product"

DaniqueHaar textuur: Wavy

"The product works really well, very happy with it!"

JenniferHaar textuur: Coily

"The product is fantastic. It gives what the hair needs, hydrates and provides a fresh look"

AmberHaar textuur: Wavy

"Have been using this product for several weeks now and love what it does to my hair. It detangles my hair and gives it a beautiful shine!"

SarahHaar textuur: Straight

"My hair has never been in such good condition"


"Since I started using the mask, my hair has become much fuller and is also growing faster"

KiaraHaar textuur: Curls

"I like the smell of this product. My hair feels really healthy!"

ElenaHaar textuur: Straight

"Previously made rice water yourself, this saves a lot of time and has a much longer shelf life. Also saw results much faster"


"my curl definition is completely back thanks to this hair mask"

NourHaar textuur: Curls

"My hair is so soft and shiny and it smells so good"

LisanneHaar textuur: Straight

"Nog nooit een product gehad dat zo snel resultaat laat zien!!"


"Wonderful mask! It makes my hair super soft and has a wonderful scent!"

TessaHaar textuur: Straight

"FAN!!! so much definition in my curls after the first use!"

JadaHaar textuur: Curls

"Fantastic product!"


"Love it, it was gone again so I ordered my 3rd jar now"


"The hair mask is the only product I still use for my hair! Recommended."

CherHaar textuur: Coily

"I have now used the mask once. And I am completely surprised by the result after 1 TIME!!"

CamillaHaar textuur: Wavy

"My dry, long hair has been made completely healthy again with this mask. I finally found my product. Thank you!"

NoahHaar textuur: Straight

"Just put the mask in my hair. Best mask EVER! No joke"

GiseleineHaar textuur: Coily

"I used it once and my hair already has so much more volume"


"Ik gebruik hem nu al 2 weken, and i loveeee it"


"My hair grows much faster and is in balance"

FeliceHaar textuur: Curls

"Top product! My hair has been so dry lately, I used the hair mask and I haven't felt my hair this soft in a long time"

EsmeeHaar textuur: Curls

"I am so happy with the hair mask"

WhitneyHaar textuur: Coily

"Mega excited about the hair mask! My hair is really much healthier because of it"

TyeishaHaar textuur: Curls

"What delicious stuff! It smells really nice and it makes my hair really soft!"

MilloaHaar textuur: Wavy

"I'm sooo happy with it. Hair is much better"

NinaHaar textuur: Straight

"Wondermiddel! Mijn haar is gezond en groeit super snel"

YaraHaar textuur: Wavy

"Love it! Makes my hair soft and healthy"

DilaraHaar textuur: Straight

"I have my curls back thanks to this mask and it smells so good!!"

RoseHaar textuur: Curls

"Since the hair mask, my hair is healthier, softer, thicker, grows faster and shines more! Very happy with it"

ClaudiaHaar textuur: Straight

"I love this hair mask so much. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy. I saw the difference after just one use. Furthermore, my hair feels super soft"

MilaHaar textuur: Wavy

"Compliments for this hair mask! The smell is also wonderful and a very nice substance! Delivery was also immediately the next day. I am a satisfied customer!"

DianaHaar textuur: Curls

"This hair mask is the solution for anyone who doesn't feel like making rice water themselves! Recommend it to everyone, top product"

DaniqueHaar textuur: Wavy

"Great product, really nourishes your hair. Made my hair curly and smoother"

FloorHaar textuur: Wavy

"Makes my hair soft and hydrated!"

EmilyHaar textuur: Curls

"Hair mask does what it says, ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED!"

JoanneHaar textuur: Wavy

"Really super satisfied"


"My curls look better because of the hair mask, really nice!"

SheraineHaar textuur: Curls

"The hair mask is fantastic!!! It works great in my routine! I don't think I can ever live without it again!"

LotteHaar textuur: Curls

"What a great hair mask this is, my hair is soo soft and feels really fuller. Usually my hair is limp after working in, but now it feels even firmer after using this mask...."

ReneeHaar textuur: Straight

"It smells great, is cg proof and does what it promises. My hair is no longer fluffy and defines the curl. Finally no more hassle with making rice water."

BoHaar textuur: Curls

"If you're not already using this hair mask, get it! TOP PRODUCT"

SonerHaar textuur: Curls


HoudaHaar textuur: Curls

"FAN! The best!!"

BabsHaar textuur: Wavy

"Very nice mask for the hair"

WafaHaar textuur: Curls

"Arrived today for our daughter. She is very happy with it"



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